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I planted that tree actually, last November!


Simple and beautiful


Present moment


Langue de chats pour certains, langue de belle-maman pour plusieurs


A mature hibiscus tree



It is time… I am blogging about making sushi.  My love for those little buggers started back in July 2007, while living in Mexico and I learned making them, with the help of videos found on YouTube…


With the help of my daughter, we made a lot and a lot and a lot of those. Most of them, actually were made by her!

Making sushi at home is so ridiculously easy, it is a shame no more people are making them.  All you need are Nori sheets (seaweed sheet), sushi rice and a wet kitchen towel (a bamboo mat would be great but not a requirement).  To my experience, sushi rice is better because it sticks together but any kind of regular rice would do, as long as once it is cooked, the rice is sticky…

Keep it simple, just do it.

Keep it simple, just do it.

To know how to do it properly, search the YouTube network, typing Sushi… and start it off.  Within five minutes, you can make about 10 sushi and the beauty of this is that you can make the filling with almost anything your heart wants it.  Today for example, I made sushi with a snicker bar!

Sushi with snickers bar, veggies and love!

Sushi with snickers bar, veggies and love!

Ok, more seriously here. I do not have a bamboo mat with me so I used a wet kitchen towel, lay it down on the counter top, place my nori sheet (shinny side down) over it, and started to drop my cooked rices over it, leaving about half an inch at the end, for the nori sheet to stick together.  With practice, the rolling part would become second nature. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


A more conservative sushi here, made with salmon, veggies and just love


This plate of sushi took five minutes to make… the white stuff on top of some of them is Horseradish

Bread pudding

One of the best bread pudding I have tasted over the years.  In a bread pudding recipe, I look for one that, once baked, the pudding will hold its shape, almost like a brownie.  This recipe meets my criteria.  Also, the addition of the rum in the sauce at the end, added a certain flair to the overall.  A sure winner!
3 large eggs
1/2 c of light brown sugar, packed
1 t of nutmeg, ground
1 c of heavy cream (I used milk powder mixed with hot water until obtaining the consistency of heavy cream)
1 c of milk (I used evaporated milk, great taste)
1 1/4 t of vanilla extract
1/4 c of butter, melted
1/2 c of raisins
1/2 c of butterscotch chips or chocolate or none
1/2 c pecans or other nuts
2 T of cinnamon (important, I just love cinnamon)
20 slices of wheat bread, 1 inch cubed (I used left over bread.  The kind of bread does not make any difference in the end result here)
1/3 c heavy cream
1 c sugar
1/2 c of butter
1.5 T of rum (or other favorite liquor)


Spray slow cooker with cooking spray
Whisk eggs, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg in bowl
Stir in milk, heavy cream, vanilla, and butter
Add bread cubes until moistened.  I used a blender for that, so my bread gets all in very small piece.  I keep about 1 cup of bread cut up, apart to add in the mix so I get piece of bread here and there but all over the cake.
Fold in butterscotch chips, raisins and pecans
Cook on low (lid on) for 2 hours or until center is firm
Let stand for 30 minutes
Serve warm with glaze or whipping cream
For Glaze, optional
Melt all ingredients except for rum, do not boil
Add rum
Pour over bread pudding slow cooker recipe.
I love bread pudding, cold, for breakfast the day after!


Typical of me to be always the last one to know about who is with who… I just learned this morning that my best friend #Joelouis got married with my other best friend #bimbo!


Yep… This liaison has been going on for a while without my knowledge. I am nevertheless very happy for the newlyweds, may they be happy because I am very happy!!!

Think about this one… Ok… Having a cake mix, ready to use and available in any flavour you feel like eating?

Bingo, I got a recipe for that. A recipe using ingredients you have in your house and a keeper for the next two months.

Here we go:


I used it yesterday and the end result is even better than the mix we get at the store.

How to use it now? Simple…

Preheat the oven to 350F, grease your baking pan that you will be using. Determine how much of the dry mix you would need to fill up half of your pan. I measured mine by putting water in the pan, giving me about one and half cup of water.

So, using my mixer and an empty bowl, I drop one egg, mix it. Then, I added about one cup and half of dry cake mix and added water, little by little until I obtained the consistency of a cake mix. If you use the entire content off the bag, use 3 eggs in total. The amount of liquid could go up to about one and half cup in total.

Et voilà, I had my pan ready to be baked for about 35 minutes or until done.

Now, to add flavour to the plain dry mix, replace the vanilla by another flavour like cherry, lemon, chocolate, etc…

You could also add up to 1/4 cup of cocoa powder, dry fruits or else, just to change the flavour.

Play with this one, another endless way of baking!





Spaghetti sauce

Time to change... my old recipe has been made by me since 1980.  This one was cooked yesterday and to my surprise, this sauce is just wonderful.

Sweet and spicy, thick enough, just an amazing recipe.  Lets pass it on now to the new generation.




The Egg and I

The Egg and I, my SoFoBoMo for the year 2014 has been created, produced and now published… and anybody can see it here, sitting on this site with all my other published books.

I wanted to produce a book, without using any text inside and letting the imagination of the viewer to tell his/her own story just by looking at the 35 photos.

The story is taking place in a restaurant, over an egg…!



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