Dreaming of the blue cake

Dreaming of the blue cake

Anni, amori e bicchieri di vino, nun se contano mai.”’ ‘“Years, lovers and glasses of wine; these things must not be counted.”

Three cities, three kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, sharing our cooking via iMessages on our iPad!


country house, Quebec


Mango sorbet, country house, Quebec


tomatoes soup, country house, Quebec


tomatoes soup, Montreal,Quebec


Molasses cookies, country house, Quebec

tomatoes soup,Montreal,Quebec

tomatoes soup,Montreal,Quebec


peanut butter cookies,Montreal,Quebec


pull beef in crockpot for tacos,Toronto,Ontario


Molasses cookies and breads,Country house,Quebec


Molasses cookies,country house,Quebec

A Sunday of sharing at a distance, the joy of cooking! 


  Restant de gâteau, couper en cube, une crème patisiere maison, de la confiture et de la crème fouettée.

Et on refait le même ordre dans un plat en vitre. Deux étages est assez. Mettre au frigo pour trois heures avant de servir!


i have an obsession with these steel container alias cargo and/or shipping containers.

I have seen endless possibilities in using the recycled ones and finally, last April, I got mine!

 A beautiful 20′ (feet) used shipping container to be used on my land here, as a garden house. As expected, my hometown has very ‘old bear’ rules and regulations regarding such pieces so we had to transform the look to turn it into a more conventional building. 

A roof was added on it.

  And the sides had to be covered.
My next step is to paint the wood the same color than the main house, here using a texNov yellow paint. But forêt, white primer for the Wood here.

As for the doors, I am debating to paint a fake door design or leave them like that.  A fake window will be painted at the back of the container.  

Well, decided on painting the doors white and the frames in black after much thinking. 

   And decided to install fake windows on the side, to create a make believe.  Now, our project of transforming a container into a garden house, is done!

  Having big question mark on this one. My DH asked me today to make it, like his mom used to make it, this time of the years, using canned corn, hard cooked eggs and old potatoes.

So I did it… I will know only tomorrow if it is good, a bit too late tonight to eat the pie.





What a great concept! Take one book and leave another behind for others to read. Completely free, no membership required. We are starting to see that concept more and more around here, outside the library, at corners, in public places, even in the front yard of private houses, get involve. Start one.  I will have my own, this fall for sure!


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