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A dusty wind has been passing by our place for the last 2 days, making walking around the streets, a real challenge. Specially that our streets have been under construction for the last month and more, we are kind of keeping our shopping to only the underground life or to the passage inside each shopping centers connected to each other.

So today, wanting to do a nutty torte and not having butter on hand, I used my ever present 35% cream in my fridge to make butter and then, to make my torte. I just love this torte. It is very simple to make and last a long time because it is so rich and yet, only with good stuffs in it: sugar, homemade butter, cocoa and cream. No eggs, no flour, just air like my DH used to say!

I usually make the torte and put it in the fridge for about 2 hours before eating, just to set the whole torte together. Do not bake it too long. If the edge is starting to crust, it is baked. Enjoy with a good icing made out of goat cheese, sugar and homemade butter!

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