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Rice flour

Rice flour

Rice is everywhere here, not that I do mind a bit.  I like rice and all the food that is associated with this cereal grain. 

Rice flour is very easy to make at home with a good blender or a coffee grinder that is.  I did not make mine, the store did.

So yesterday, having purchase a bag of rice flour, I made bread with it.  Rice flour bread is very light in flavor, color and texture.  The rice will drink very slowly the liquid given to it.  For this particular bread, I had to adjust a bit the ingredients and go by feeling rather than by my kitchen scale. 

Rice flour bread

Once the dough had reach the elasticity of a good bread to be, I proceeded in making the bread.  It did rise to it full capacity but somehow lost some of its high in the oven.  The taste of this bread is very good, less fattening and seems to be less heavy in the tummy also.

Here are the ingredients used.  The only modification I did was to bake it for 10 minutes longer.

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