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Make soap with me



Make soap with me at home, (click on the link) and tomorrow, you could have it in your shower.  The book is a ‘step by step’ manual, easy to follow and with beautiful pictures.  Enjoy!

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Exfoliate your skin with DumDum soap

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My husband came back with the request of creating a soap that exfoliate his beautiful skin without scratching it so here is my creation, a private collection for sure :

Fragrance oil : patchouli, sandalwood

Cumin seeds

Canola, linseed and corn oil

Hard oil : peggy fat

20 oz recipe in the small wood mold

Hardness 42, Liquid 5oz and lye at 5%

Process used : CPOP, dodo baby dodo overnight!

That soap traced so fast, I could not do some colors with mica.  I had to spoon the remaining of the colored soap on top, no pouring here.  200F for one hour, oven off and dodo covered with a blanket in the oven, overnight.

It is already a beautiful and hard soap.  The smell is so manly.

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I am in love with my soaps

2009-11-14_around the house

It is just a miracle that I can make such wonderful soaps.  Not just because it is me but I really mean it.  I am in love with my handmade soaps.

Presently, I have about 200 bars of soaps on display and drying behind me on my office shelves, as I am writing those lines and the mixes smells of all of them are divines.

I still consider it a miracle that I can make soap.  I have try each one of them on myself.  Some of them are better than others but they are equally of the same quality and beautiful.

Surprisingly, I make the best soap on a day that I don’t try to make the best of them all.  My best day of creation is a day that I get up in the morning and boom, I just make soap, just like that, without really knowing what I am doing but I just go with my nose, the feeling that I have inside for the time been and up, a soap comes alive.  Most of my batches are made of 42 oz, no more than that because my work is limited to my passion of the moment and a bigger quantity would spoil the art in itself.

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