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Butter homemade, fresh

Butter homemade, fresh

How do I manage to stay slim, me the french woman in Mexico?

One word : HOMEMADE

I homemade what ever I can.  That is my secret without having a secret.  you should see me doing my weekly grocery shopping, which is almost daily here. 

My routine when I enter a grocery place, I go directly to the fruits and veggies section and I shop for the special that day.  If they have a rack of fruits and veggies going bad, this is the place I fill up my basket.  Products going bad have to be cook the same day and they are, for most of them very ripe and delicious. 

Secondly, I head for the meat and dairy department.  There, I do the same, looking for any meat on sale or so.  One thing that does not change much is that most Wednesdays of the week, meat are on sale, to make space for the fresh one coming for the wkend.  This is ideal to buy on special.  I also then, cook the meat the same day and freeze complete meals.

The third stop I do is the freezer section where I buy frozen veggies, in small quantities because they are very handy here in Mexico since all the fresh veggies have to be soaked in a special liquid before we eat them.  Buying some frozen ones make my life a lot easier.

And basically that is about it for my food shopping.  I also buy in the off days, locally here in the small village.  I get most of my veggies there, my fresh herbs and my local homemade cheese also. 

The main thing to do is : stay away from any package full of sugar, preservative and the no-food stuff.  Here in my house, most of the food is homemade : butter, ice cream, bread, dog cookies, oil, home remedies for dogs, lip balms, pâté, cheesecake, meat dishes, some soft cheeses, soap, sausages, tomato sauce, pesto, chili, etc…

By going back to my roots of homemade foods, I eat healthy, real food with lots and lots of fresh homemade butter!!

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