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orange grainI just gave up artificial sweetener, just like that. Cold turkey… today, September 09, 2009: 09-09-09… why not do something out of the ordinary today??

Artificial sweetener has been part of my eating habit as far as I can remember: in diet drinks, in my morning coffee, in my homemade desserts and sometimes, in water.

This morning, that is it. Cold turkey, no more, c’est fini, no mas. The withdraw effect will be harsh on me. Headache will move in with a vengeance, my appetite will go up to the roof; my mood swing will kill any living soul that dares to come closer to me. Even my loving dog will stay away.

For me, a large part of learning to eat for health and weight loss is concerned with beating the sugar habit. Sugar is addictive and all the artificial sweeteners have a more intense sweetness that perpetuates the taste for oversweet things.

Recently, I have discovered that by using an artificial sweetener, I am giving my body the taste and reminding it of what it is missing, without satisfying the craving of the real sugar.

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