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Following my article re. fragrance oil, last November, I have decided to play a bit around with inventing my own fragrance oil, a scent that only I could duplicate.

Being the ever soapmaker on a budget, I recycle all my little fragrance oil bottles, essential oil bottles, etc… so today, by filling them up with olive oil, I dropped about 10 drops of various essential oils in all of them, shaking them and smelling them as I went along the way of inventing my own scent. I will wait a few days before using them and see how they turn out in a full recipe of handmade soap. That could be a lifesaver for my pocket if this little way of inventing a scent works.

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She can win you with a wink

Fragrance oil : honeydew and summerberries
Canola oil
Olive oil
1.40 oz of fragrance oil
recipe for 36.35oz (white mold)
175F for one hour, sleeping overnight in the oven

This is a testing soap since it is my first recipe made in this brand new oven. There is not indication on it to see which temperature it reaches so I have to use an oven thermometre to stay on top of the 175F. It might hurt the soap at the end of the process. Lets wait and see.

Morning after : well this is a nice, clean and to me, ordinary safe handmade soap. Ordinary and safe because it is not artistic to me, like the ones I usually make. I had to play it safe for this first one. The smell of the soap reminds me of a lollypop on a hot summer night. Keep the trimmings of the soap for later use in another soap.

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