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Santa Rosa

‘…Rebatched soap using all the cut up of the others soaps previously made…’

With all the soaps I have been making lately, I had a 24 oz of bag full of little pieces, full of color and wonderful smell.

I love to rebatch. It is a process that uses the leftover, and making wonderful and strong soaps that last longer because they are being cooked twice. The process is pretty simple and most of the time, we have a tendancy to use too much water, ending with a wet soap. Just wet the pieces just enough to get a shiny look and remove any liquid that did not get into the soap. Put the pot full of pieces in a warm oven of 185F to 200F for about one hour and forget it. Once the mix has melted to the desired look, add fragrance or colors if you want and pour it in molds. A rebatch soap can be used right after it has cool off. I always get wonderful soaps with this process. This Santa Rosa is a bit on the wet side for the moment and I will let it dry before I do anything with it. It will probably stay as is, no corner trimming, just square, right from the earth.

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Bread baking day #20 : link to the roundup of June 2009
Bread baking day #21 : link to BBD #21, deadline July 01, 2009 : Pizza!

A light brown-orange loaf made with three wheat products: bran, whole-wheat flour, and white flour. The liquid in this recipe is orange juice with pulp. It gives an interesting sweet and sour taste to the bread, interacting with the ¾ cup of molasses used as a sweetener. One of my favorite homemade bread to eat!

1 cup of oatmeal (the regular kind, not the fast cooking type)

2 teaspoons of salt
2 tablespoons of butter
1 cup of bran (you can use the cereal kind here, as pure bran as possible)
2 cups of orange juice with pulp
2 tablespoons of Yeast
¾ cup of molasses
1 cup of whole wheat flour
5 to 6 cups of bread or all purpose flour
Heat up the orange juice until a very light boiling. Put aside and add to it the oatmeal. Sprinkle the yeast on top of the liquid, without moving it. Let the yeast rinse and get active on top of your liquid (forming little bubbles).

Add the mixture to a bigger bowl, stir in the butter, molasses, and salt. Mix well. Add one cup at a time, altering with the three grains, the bran, the wheat flour and the all purpose flour, finishing by the all purpose flour.

Turn down the mix into a well floured surface and start kneading until a very soft ball it becomes.

Grease a bowl with oil and drop the dough into it, turning the ball to coat well with oil. Cover the bowl with a wet dish towel and let it double in size.

After the dough has doubled in size, punch it down with your fist to remove the air inside the dough. Turn the dough on a well floured surface and shape it into two equal round forms. Deposit the round forms into a well greased pan or a cookie sheet, one form side by side the other one. Brush the tops with one egg mixed with water, sprinkle with coarse salt. Cover the dough with a dry dish towel and let it rise until double in size (about 30 minutes).

Heat up your oven to 375F, uncover your bread and put the pan in the oven for 35 to 38 minutes.

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Fragrance oil : lavender and green chai tea
Mica : dark red
Canola, corn and veggie lard
Made 9 bars for this one, strong smell, beautiful texture, a ‘man’ soap for sure. I have decided to trim this soap, to give it a special look.Lets dry this baby and come back to it in about 7 to 10 days.

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Fragrance oil : pumpkin patch (I just this fragrance)

Cut up logs of handmade soaps, to fit at the bottom of the wooden mold

Same oils as before (canola, corn and veggie lard)

As I am getting closer to the making of 35 handmade soaps in 31 days, my imagination is drifting away and making all kind of differents ideas in my head. Once you have developped a base recipe that you like, your imagination can dream on and on and on…

Here I tried to recrate a patern of a patchwork at the bottom of the mold, placing the different colors of logs on top of each other and playing with the design.

Because it is a hot process soap, the soap is a bit thicker so I made sure that I tapped the mold many time, on the floor as I was building it so there would not be any air bubble between the logs. This kind of design is always a surprise when it is time to cut it up.

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Un enfant

‘… a child…’
Fragrance oil : black tea and berrries
Mica : pink and gold
Same oils

Very soft yet strong smell. Good texture, let it get old on the shelf before

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‘… a story without a book…’

Fragrance oil : Pumkin patch
Mica : light pink
Same oils
Wonderful smell, one of a kind, with a background of musk

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Pousser les nuages

‘… push the clouds away…’
Fragrance oil : Lavender, vanilla
Mica : light blue
same oils

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