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Waterside handmade soap

Fragrance oils : left over from my workplace (12 bottles in total, and about one oz mixed in the recipe)

The final smell gave me the idea of using blue as a main color, mixed with a white base, with yellow and red. It reminds me of all the beautifuls flowers around me at the moment, in Florida.

Because of the crumbs part again in this one, like the same problem I got with the Cranberry one, I did wet this one this morning to see if I had to rethink about rebatching it but to my surprise, I will not. As it gets harder and older by the minutes, the crumbs part are almost gone. And the blue color is taking over the look of this soap. Very nice one, I might say so.

A nice Hot Process soap and I just love the manly part of this method of soaping; wild looking, very strong soap

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