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Fragrance oils for handmade soaps

Patchouli handmade soap

Now, I cannot wait to design and plan these in my notebook :
Asian Sandalwood
Black Canyon
Bird of Paradise
Blueberry Muffin
Cabernet Grapes
Cappuccino Hazelnut
Tuscan Nights
Sweet Pumpkin Spice
Tall Grass
Wild Mountain Honey

The site where I order gives me also a selection of colors the soap should be, to go with the smell. Lets go to the design table now!

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Banana Nut Bread
Cucumber Melon
Ginger Peach
Key Lime
Spiced Cranberry

What I do is write the ‘to be’ soap in a notebook with the design of the finished piece, the ingredients and the topping (my best imagination is done in the middle of the night, when I cannot sleep, I then write in my notebook). When I decide to do the soap, I put in front of me all the ingredients in order of the steps to do and then, I proceed in making the soap. By developping this technic, I stay focus on the soap and on my notes. With my wild imagination, I have a tendancy to create as I go and sometime, when the soap has reached ‘trace’, the time to create is gone… in the rush of pouring the soap in molds before it sets hard on me…

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This soap is a three layers one, left over from the batches I made today : Blue Ocean, Gingerbread Cookies and Red Clove.

I built it with the left over of each one of them, when scraping the pot. I got good layers because of the time between each batch, the layer has time to set a bit. The top of the soap was put together with left over Testing soap cut up. Needless to say : the smell of this soap is to dye for!

I never waste anything here, always finding a way to use it somewhere. I like the idea of the left overs batches. I might do that everytime I make soap!

Lowbudget Soap no. 2

Oven process soap, white base, blue and yellow oxides added. Fragrances : left over from bottles around my working space

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Red Clove handmade soap

Fragrance oils : a powerful true clove scent, I used a plain white soap and added the FO. I used left over of the Chocolate Divine soap made earlier this week, creating a wonderful design for the top. The cutting pieces will be interesting.

Red clove has a very strong smell, like an overly spiced soap, should be nice.

This soap scared me a bit, as it gels in sections, getting almost transparent and coming back to the creamy look. I was also afraid that the chocolate section would melt into the creamy ones, giving me a complete disaster soap. I was already prepared to re-batch this one… but it turned out gorgeous, reminds me of a man in a tuxedo! It must be the smell of strong spices.

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Black Raspberry Vanilla handmade soap

Once again, because of the vanilla in the fragrance oils : raspberry and vanilla, the main base turned yellow on me, but the smell of fresh raspberry made me forget the yellowing thing.

This soap is made with raspberry purree and its juice, topped with red soap ball. The seeds turned dark brown once it was mixed to the lye, an added value to me.

The smell of this soap is divine, just divine, I could smell raspberries all over the house this morning. The seeds will add a scrubbing to this wonderful soap.

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Blue Ocean handmade soap

Using the fragrance oils : salty scent of the ocean, I created this soap by placing at the very bottom of the mold, a piece of blue soap, rolled up in the form of a log and cutted in half after, resting on the flat side.

One cup of the soap mix was mixed with blue oxide and pour from high above the pan, into the pan and just then, I pour the whole mix in the mold, creating a swirl.

I am not very pleased in using oxide as a color. It clumps and is hard to get it to be mixed, take too much time. Some people mix the oxide with 70% liquid glycerin and 30% of oxide in a little container prior to making soap and adding the mix to the soap after trace. I have three containers of oxides, should I take this avenue and try it?

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Gingerbread Cookies handmade soap

The Fragrance oils : bakery notes, molasses, ginger and other spices, turned this soap to a yellowish color.

So building from there, I added grounded coffee to one part and red oxide to the other part. I left one part yellow.
Using the funnel technique, I then pour the three colors each taking its own turn. The top of the soap was sprinkled with grounded oatmeal and spread over with the rest of the red mix.

The smell is divine and the look of this soap, after taken out of the mold is like a crumbs cookie.

The little white spots on the soap are grounded oatmeal added at the end, after trace.

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