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Made a beer and patchouli soap. It traced so fast, I had to finish it by hand. The patchouli was added to the frosting only.
In a nutshell, my recipe was asking for 12oz of beer. I got a very dark kind of beer, boiled it to reduce the content to about half of its size. Measured again to get 12oz and the container was placed in the freezer overnight.

The day after, I removed the beer from the freezer and mixed in the lye, dropping it over the frozen cube of beer. Now, the lye touching the cube made the beer to melt right away and I did not get a volcano effect like some soapers say. The beer was the only liquid added to this recipe. No fragrance, nothing else than oils were used.

This soap will be great for shaving and moisturizing the skin, and because of the sugar in the beer, it will bubble like crazy…! I cannot wait to try this one.

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Pineapple Sunrise handmade soap

By getting do’ and don’t’ from this site, I came up with a Pineapple Sunrise soap, made with juice and pulp of the real fruit.

This one took about 20 minutes to trace, and I had to stop in the middle and let the mix comes down a bit, I was afraid it would never trace. It has grounded coconut, cardamon spice and confetti (made with my scrap of trimming older soaps, this purple and pink ones come from lavender, and rose soaps made one year ago). No color and no fragrance were added.

I just love the feeling and heaviness of this soap. A good heavy and homely bar, just for myself.

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Soap Frosting

Soap Frosting : I decided to put on top of my beer soap, a soap frosting. I made it out of 100% of Lard, whipped to a whip cream consistency and I just followed the directions stated on this site. At the last minute, I decided to add EO (essential oil) to the bacth, about 1oz of patchouli. The batch is 10oz.

I will have pictures for me tomorrow, when I cut it up!

Update : November 15, I used this one in the shower this morning. Wow, my best one so far. The beer in the soap bar is giving the skin a sensation of cleaniness and wellbeen. It could also be used to wash hairs and shave since it gives so much bubbles. Very nice one. There is almost no smell to this soap but I will use this one for my face, for sure.

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Divine Chocolate handmade soap

This soap is a dream come true. I can just see myself wrapped in a mountain of chocolate bubbles.
My recipe for this Cold Process Soap is :
Lard 80%
Coconut oil 10%
Castor oil 10%
I use this site for my Calculation for a 30 oz recipe

Add 10% (that is 10% of your total oil in the recipe. Here for exemple, my total recipe is 30 oz so 10% is 3 oz) of real chocolate, be sure to use a 70% Cacao one, mine is Scharffen Berger, melted and added at trace.
2 tblsp of cocoa powder, added at trace

I had made little white balls of plain soap yesterday, a great idea to have a white non fragrance soap around, and added it up to the design of my chocolate soap.

One day after the making, the color of dark chocolate is still very strong, but the soap is still too soft to really test it. The smell of chocolate is starting to come out, lets wait.

Update five days after: wow, this soap really smells like real chocolate. It has dryed out almost completely and the chocolate and cacao no longer stain the tip of my finger. It still has to dry out for at least one month total before I use it (I like my soaps that way) but this is a sure hit.

November 17 update : nice soap, lite chocolate smell but the bubbles are wonderful. This soap is ready to be used.

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This is the test soap I did after receiving via the mail a starter kit from The Essential Herbal . Starting today and for the next 7 days, I am on-line with the others students that got the starting kit, and will share our trial and errors while learning from each other. What a great idea!

Now, this soap is plain and white, with no fragrance or others stuffs. A real starter soap for the new soapmaker.

November 17 update : nice rich soap, good bubble, ready to be used

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