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Made a beer and patchouli soap. It traced so fast, I had to finish it by hand. The patchouli was added to the frosting only.
In a nutshell, my recipe was asking for 12oz of beer. I got a very dark kind of beer, boiled it to reduce the content to about half of its size. Measured again to get 12oz and the container was placed in the freezer overnight.

The day after, I removed the beer from the freezer and mixed in the lye, dropping it over the frozen cube of beer. Now, the lye touching the cube made the beer to melt right away and I did not get a volcano effect like some soapers say. The beer was the only liquid added to this recipe. No fragrance, nothing else than oils were used.

This soap will be great for shaving and moisturizing the skin, and because of the sugar in the beer, it will bubble like crazy…! I cannot wait to try this one.

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