IMG_3047-24 cans of tuna in water, drained (1 pound fish)

1/2 cup of cottage cheese

1 cup lentils cooked

1/2oz olive oil (.5oz)

1 raw egg

1 cup carrot raw

.5oz tumeric

IMG_3046-1Mix all together.  Portion : 2/3 cup per day, for Misty.

IMG_3071-3*in all the photos above, the veggies used were salad.  Veggies can be changed according to the likes of the dog.  The recipe was taken from this site



Rhubarb is the first vegetable to come out of my garden so having decided that 2014 is my year to cook and eat by the season, here we start with homemade rhubard pie.


Rhubard, freshy cut


I follow the recipe from Jean Paré cook book, ‘Pies’. A very good pie! I made the dough using the recipe on the yellow package of Tenderflacke lard.


Use tapioca and not corn starch, way better


Here we go. The finished pie. This recipe retains the real taste of the rhubard and not too sweet. A real winner.

Cannings goods

IMG_6355-1Last summer, or rather last Fall season, I did some experience in canning stuffs around, from local farmers and markets.  I used the recipes found in my ever trust-able cooking book : Les Conserves by Jean Paré, a wonderful book I got back in 1997.  I have, up to date, most of her books by the way…

IMG_6321-1So today, I opened the marinated pumpkin jar (citrouille au vinaigre, page 95), the first jar seen on the left.  It was done back in October 2013.  Wonderful recipe, a bit strange in taste but very good.  IMG_1463-1Pumpkin of course done in vinegar and sugar, which basically is a marinade.  I could use it for making it into a jam now or just eating it as is.  I think I will eat it as is.  About 15 jars are waiting for me to eat them….

The second jar in the top picture is Cornichons à l’aneth, page 79, same book.  They are wonderful, stayed croquant all winter in their jar and are a wonderful condiment.  I think I have 1 jar left now.

IMG_2743-1The canned tomatoes, one jar left, is also a frank success, a bit of salt and a bit of sugar with hot water was all it took to can those wonderful tomatoes.  Page 141, from Jean Paré book.

The fourth jar, my homemade chutney, is still wonderful, two jars left (secret recipe).

The fifth jar, yellow beans (page 109), no more left.  I made soup with the last jar, last Sunday.

The six jars are Quebec Fruit ketchup, a private recipe, not too many left over of those.  Wonderful ketchup to eat as is or with any meat.

The seven jar, Page 32, pêches au syrup is wonderful also.

So basically, for my first experience in canning (52 jars), and after a storage in a cool place for six months, all of the jars are good to eat.  I did not loose one and they are all wonderful in taste, in texture and kept their amazing colors of freshness natural product from the earth.  This year, I am planting my first garden, after almost 12 years from my last one, and I will, with certitude, be canning a huge amount of jars!!


Dump Cake

IMG_6677-1I have done this cake back in 2008 and decided yesterday to do the dump cake again, with a different ingredients but using the same method ‘Dump everything and just bake’ kind of cake.

1 can crushed pineapple (undrained)

1 can cherry pie filling

1 box dry cake mix (white or yellow)

1 1/2 stick butter, cut in pieces

1 hand full of nuts (if you want)

Grease a13x9x2 inch pan.  Start with pineapple on bottom.  Layer the rest in order listed above.  NO STIRRING. Bake 1 hour at 350F and you are done!

I love this kind of cake because the flavor can be changed the way I want it, as long as I keep the can of crushed pineapple as my first layer at the bottom, to create the liquid that will bake the cake.  It is important to use crushed pineapple, not the pieces or the ring ones.


Used books

2014-03-08 13.35.10-1

.50 cents each, it is the time of the year to visit your local library as they will mostly have a ‘shelf’s sale to free up spaces for the new books to enter.

Just owning the Joy of cooking is a jewel in every kitchen… wow!!


Lip Balms made back in 2008, 72 tubes… no more today

So I made new ones : 66 tubes on March 01, 2014.  This batch should be good until 2020.  Lip balm is so easy to do.


Peppermint flavor was used for the entire batch

Those pencil thin containers come from SKS container, ordered on line.  The delivery is very fast and they have a huge selection as well.


The recipe is from The Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe and they have a pre-kit you can buy for making your first lip balm batch.  I did order in 2008, the kit and now for this one, I got all my ingredients around here, for cheaper price.  Once you have the recipe and know where to buy locally, do it.


Empty containers from SKS, and a block of bee wax


The ingredients and my working station


I used a very small teaspoon to fill up my pencil like containers, very easy to do.


I use wax paper as a protector on my counter top. Speed to fill the containers is the secret here.


The containers all filled up, and the caps are on.


Live them all on your counter top overnight and then, just keep them in a bag together in a dark place until you have used them all. Just be sure where you have placed them because they will last a long time.

I used vitamin E (liquid) for the sun protection, about 1 teaspoon for the entire recipe.


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