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Perfect little She 11-19-2008

I miss making handmade soap.  Making handmade soap is so easy and creative.  For the time being, I cannot make soap here because lye, the main ingredient in making it, is not available here.

On youtube last week, a video came up to my attention, showing how to make lye at home… wow, really?  I knew we could make lye at home, of course, because my family did but the process seemed to me very long and hard to produce a good quality lye.

Here are a few links on youtubes showing how to make lye and to make soaps.  Youtube is a great place to learn just about anything and, even if some videos made there are not my cup of tea, others are of great support to me.

How to make lye

How to make soap using the lye made in the video above

How to make soap using what you have at home, without very expensive stuffs

Of course, at the moment I cannot make lye, being located right downtown but still this information will be helpful in the near future.

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