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June 23 today, I live in the future, that is: I am ahead of about 12 hours from the rest of the planet, pretty cool! Hum, something to consider when I meet my deadline for the drop off of my photo book on July 31.

Chausson au thon is something I can whip out of nowhere, so easy to do actually because it is made with ingredients already sitting somewhere in my pantry or in my fridge.

So in my freezer: I remove a small package of already made pâte brisée that I had previously made for something else.

In my pantry: I grab a can of tune, small one

In my fridge: I have some leftover 35% fat cream and some animal fat. Seeing part of a small white onion there, I grabbed it too. My Hong Kong Chili Pepper jam will be served alongside with some Dijon mustard.

In my spice rack: I grab black pepper, salt and rosemary dry herb.

So here is the know how:

Cut up the onion and pan fry with the animal fat until the onion has turned golden in color. Add the drained can of tuna, stir well. Add about ½ cup of cream and the spices. Stir well, taste and adjust to your liking. Set aside.

Roll out the dough, cut into perfect circle, the size you want your chaussons to be. Drop about one tablespoon of the tuna mix at one end of the circle and fold the other half over, forming a half moon. Pinch it using a fork. Do the rest until you have run out of fillings. Brush the top of each chausson with one egg yolk, bake at 375F, for about 25 minutes or until it reach a nice golden brown. Serve hot.

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