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prices we won:glass tea set, stuffed panda,chinese candies, 2 fountains pen

First and foremost, let me point this little secret : I hate bingo night… never liked it and never will because… well… I just don’t like it.  It might be coming from my great intimidation with numbers in general. 

You see, numbers intimidate me.  When ever they are entering my life, in any form possible, my entire brain freezes and becomes useless.  Numbers have the ability to project me with ‘complicated processes coming up’ messages.  Not a great love here.

So last Saturday night, being a good sport that I am (yep, right), we sign up for the first ever group activity this building was organizing.  It was advertised under the name of  ‘lotto night’ and being open to new experience while here in China, we went.

Then, as we approach the entrance to the big room, I could see from very far away, sitting there, on the table of registration, those colorful cards full of the ‘numbers’ in 9 rows, each one more beautifully decorated than the others. 

No mistake here, I turned around but it was too late, the line was getting longer behind me and my self esteem told me to keep smiling. 

Somebody in the fog at the entrance somewhere asked me to pick up 3 cards and a paper cup filled with red circles.  I did diligently and enter the big room. 

You see, I am blond and here in China, I do attract eyes because of this, so I did not want to attract more by refusing to pick up cards right?

All in all, the evening was a blast, we ate good food, we made good friends and most importantly we won.  My DH loves playing bingo and he kept a very sharp eye on the 3 cards, following the numbers been called out in the three languages : french, english and mandarin. 

More than just China people were presents.  In the room, there were people from Japan, France, Canada, USA, Ireland and Germany. 

Such diverse group of expatriates gave me the image of the Olympic!

All together, competing and speaking their mother tongue and learning how to say just one word : ‘BINGO’!! 

Next time, it might be just funny to call it : ‘Olympic Lotto Night’!

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