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My handmade soap versus Lush soap

My handmade soap versus Lush soap

Lush : ahhhhhhhhhhhh….

I literally run into this store whenever I find myself in the surrounding of one.  They are very easy to spot or rather, to smell.  Just follow the smell of handmade soap and Voilà, I am home…!

Display of Lush Soap in store, downtown Montreal, Canada

Display of Lush Soap in store, downtown Montreal, Canada

What I love about this store is the display of their product.  Simple, not cut for most of them and sold by weight and ingredients, wrapped in an already printed butcher paper… nice…

The simplicity of leaving the log of handmade soap uncut is appreciated only by the soapmaker himself.  What a beauty.

What do people do when they see a handmade soap?  The first thing : they touch it, then they smell it and then only, they look at the price and then they will look at the ingredients, the wrapping, the colors and so on…

Little Lush soap

I have discovered since making soap (2006) that most of the people prefer the simplicity of a handmade soap versus a well-trimmed, well colored and well smelly divine of one.  Why?

Well, it comes down to : HANDMADE, plain and simple.  It is handmade if it looks hand manipulated, mostly dark in color with earthy tones here and there.  Of course the smell of a soap gets our attention so it is the reason you can smell the store from a mile away but still, simplicity is the first to be recognize here in a good handmade soap.

So here you have it, my handmade soap versus the Lush soap.

Little brown soap : Lush one, the log soap : mine

Little brown soap : Lush one, the log soap : mine

In this picture, the little brown soap on the left comes from Lush store.  The smell is earthly and spicy and oh so fine.  Mine has been left uncut, in the form of a log and I just cutted an end piece to show the inside of the log.  The smell is also divine.  The texture of the Lush soap is a bit on the dry side and they left it with rounded edges and all.  This is the kind of look that people buy and prefer over the well-trimmed and pink and beautiful ones we find more and more on the market these days.


Lush soap and my log of handmade soap

Here is a link to one of my posts, where I made 35 handmade soaps at home… crazy idea!

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