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Santa Rosa

‘…Rebatched soap using all the cut up of the others soaps previously made…’

With all the soaps I have been making lately, I had a 24 oz of bag full of little pieces, full of color and wonderful smell.

I love to rebatch. It is a process that uses the leftover, and making wonderful and strong soaps that last longer because they are being cooked twice. The process is pretty simple and most of the time, we have a tendancy to use too much water, ending with a wet soap. Just wet the pieces just enough to get a shiny look and remove any liquid that did not get into the soap. Put the pot full of pieces in a warm oven of 185F to 200F for about one hour and forget it. Once the mix has melted to the desired look, add fragrance or colors if you want and pour it in molds. A rebatch soap can be used right after it has cool off. I always get wonderful soaps with this process. This Santa Rosa is a bit on the wet side for the moment and I will let it dry before I do anything with it. It will probably stay as is, no corner trimming, just square, right from the earth.

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